The Orange Club is located at the Taylor Educational Administration Complex, in the old Prospect Heights Middle School in Orange, Virginia. This facility opened in 2001, was renovated in 2015, and currently serves 200 members, with an average daily attendance of 75 members, ages 5-18. During the school year, a major focus is Power Hour and tutoring and with the addition of new space, has opened a great new games room. With the support from our community, volunteers help with the task of keeping club members on track with their academic goals, and the renovated kitchen is a nice new partner for our member-tended garden. The Orange Club’s staff uses its creativity to design and implement high quality programs that encourage Club members to reach their full potential.


Contact Information:
James Miller, Unit Director
Office Phone: (540) 672-6858

Hours of Operation:
School Year: 2:30PM-6:30PM, Monday-Friday
Summer:  7:30AM-5:30PM

Taylor Education Administration Complex
200 Dailey Drive
Orange, VA 22960