Are you a passionate individual that loves to work with youth? Do you want to influence the everyday life of Club members through programs in our three pillars of Academic Success, Character and Leadership, and Healthy Lifestyles? Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Virginia (BGCCVA) is a place for Club members to learn, grow, and have fun! We are looking for engaging individuals who are dedicated to working with youth throughout the Program Year.

From coaching to conducting science experiments to art projects to homework help, there are a variety ways individuals can volunteer with Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Virginia. We strive to connect all of our volunteers with opportunities that meet their interests while meeting the programmatic needs of the youth we serve.


We are seeking volunteers who can commit to serving at least one day per week, Monday through Friday, for at least one hour between 2:30 pm and 6:00 pm for a full semester. We ask that volunteers plan to attend the Club weekly and we’ve also found it best if you’re able to find a consistent day each week to serve in the Club. We encourage you to think carefully about whether this commitment level is realistic with your current and anticipated schedule.


The ideal volunteer for the Boys & Girls Clubs is an engaging, high-energy, self-starter who has a passion for working with kids! The Clubs are fun, active environments with lots of different activities taking place at a given time. Successful volunteers are those that are able to jump in and help with whatever activity is going on with minimal direction.


Those looking to fulfill a court appointed community service requirement are NOT eligible to complete their hours with the Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Virginia. Also, all volunteers are background checked annually and if you have previously been convicted of any violent crimes, offences related to drugs, or crimes against a child, you are NOT eligible to volunteer for Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Virginia. BGCCVA does NOT work with volunteers under the age of 18.


The Club offers a fast paced, high energy environment with 100 to 200 kids in attendance each day. Boys & Girls Clubs are drop in facilities so we cannot guarantee you’ll work with the same members each time you visit. Our goal is that you begin to build relationships with many of the wonderful young people you work with during your time in the Clubs.


Group Projects are great for companies, organizations and schools that would like to participate in a special activity at one of our Clubs. Examples include ”Scrub-a-Club” clean up events, helping with or hosting special events for our Club members such as a Holiday Party, Arts & Crafts Day, or Sports & Fitness Field Day, leading a program in your group’s area of expertise such as music, dancing, photography, science, athletics, etc., planting a garden, and much more. Please allow at least a month’s notice between contacting us and the anticipated date of your project so that we can find the best Club match for you. To arrange a volunteer project, please email volunteer@bgclubcva.org.


Please note that Clubs are not typically open on weekends. However, we occasionally have special programs that happen on the weekends that may require volunteer assistance.


Fill out a volunteer application:

Volunteer Application


We rely on volunteer mentors and tutors to help to provide the best programming possible for kids.  In order to deliver high-interest, quality programs for our members, we look for supportive people willing to work with kids in the areas of:

Character & Leadership Development:  Our 6 to 8 member leadership groups plan service projects, and focus on issues they want to change in the community.  Connecting with interested community members boosts their confidence in as they engage in service opportunities.

Education & Career Development:  Can you host a group of 8 at your place of business for a tour? Would you share your professional story with a group of curious teens?  Could you come once a week to provide homework support?  Our kids could use you!

Health & Life Skills: Help kids learn about developing positive habits through good decision-making.

The Arts:  Do you dance, paint, collage, or sculpt?  There are so many regular artistic opportunities to help out!

Sports, Fitness & Recreation:  Love sports and fitness?  We need your expertise as a coach, clinician, or fitness mentor.

Have an idea for a new Club Program?  Complete this Program Proposal form.